How can my city get in contact with CELSIUS?

You can contact CELSIUS through the “Contact Us” page, from where you can use a contact form or email a contact person from one of the CELSIUS partner cities. You can also talk with a representative from a partner organisation at events, conferences, etc.

How can my city become a CELSIUS City?

Start the process by contacting us or filling in the New CELSIUS City Questionnaire.

What are the costs of becoming a New CELSIUS Member City?

There are no fees in joining CELSIUS. There is however a commitment as a member city to invest time, for example to identify the city’s status, needs and challenges; to actively engage and co-operate with the CELSIUS project in pursuing the city’s heating and cooling objectives; and to participate at arranged events such as workshops, study visits and dialogues.

When a city becomes a CELSIUS Member City, who needs to sign the Letter of Commitment?

Typically the Letter of Commitment is signed by a senior officer and/or a political representative who has responsibility for energy policy within the city. It is also possible that a city representative and a representative from the city’s utility company both sign.