CELSIUS Workshop cohosted with Métropole de Lyon – DHC Days 2017: Local to Global Approaches for Innovative District Energy Solutions

Collaborators of the event: SweHeat and Cooling (who expanded the CELSIUS network by inviting the sponsors), DHC News, UN Environment District Energy in Cities Initiative, and Amorce.

Sponsors of the event: Alfa Laval, Mittel, HWQ Group, If…Insurance, Regin, PassivSystems, Siemens, SavoSolar, Energy Opticon and SWEP.

Documentation from the workshop

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Read the CELSIUS newsletter reporting from the workshop.


Day 1: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Venue: Métropole de Lyon Headquarters, 20 Rue du Lac, Lyon, France
Moderator: Emilia Pisani Castañeda, Project Officer, CELSIUS, Göteborg Energi AB

8.30 Registration and welcome coffee

9.00 Welcome address
Katrina Folland,CELSIUS Project Coordinator, City of Gothenburg
Celia Martinez, Technical Expert, District Energy in Cities Initiative, United Nations Environmental Program
Samia Belaziz, VP for District Heating and Cooling, Lyon Métropole

District energy in France
National challenges for DHC: what is at stake?, Nicolas Garnier, Director, Amorce
Promoting district energy development, David Canal, Head of District Heating, ADEME

10.00 Urban Waste Heat Recovery: residual heat at your doorstep
Moderator: Nicolas Garnier, Director of AMORCE
Integrating waste heat sources at your doorstep, Wouter Verhoeven, Business Development Manager, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam
Mapping heat sources and demand in cities: the unexplored potential of urban heat for H&C, Stefano Barberis, Research & Innovation, D’Appolonia – representing the PLANHEAT project
Waste to energy – the triple benefit: space optimisation, electricity and heat, Fredric Pronchery, Municipal Councillor for Sustainable Development and environment, Municipality Belleville

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Choose between Session 1A and Session 1B

Session 1A: Negotiating & contracting with urban waste heat producers
Moderator: Helena Nordström, CELSIUS Head Outreach and Communications, Göteborg Energi
Business models that provide a win-win situation, Sergio Saiz, Heat of Energy Efficiency and Industrial Sustainability, Tecnalia – representing the Pitagoras Project
Business model development in Swedish District Heating companies 2008-2016, Kristina Lygnerud, Senior Project Manager, the Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL)
Finding unexplored heat sources, Wouter Verhoeven, Business Development Manager, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam
District energy and the London Underground, Nicholas Both-Handford, Senior Project Manager, London Underground

Session 1B: Innovative solutions for urban waste treatment and heat recovery – Sponsored by Alfa Laval
Moderator: Jonas Cognell, CELSIUS Senior Project Manager, Göteborg Energi
Intelligent heat exchangers for an efficient heat recovery & transfer, Mårten Ahlm, Marketing Engineer, Alfa Laval
Micro waste heat recuperation, Christian Chefdeville, Market Researcher, Thermowatt
Enabling waste heat recovery for 4th generation DH networks, Christian Engel, Business Developer, Thermaflex
Skøyen Heat Pump Plant, Anders Westin, Business developer, Hafslund Oslo

12.45 Lunch Break

13.45 Matchmaking: express networking

14.45 District cooling: refreshing sustainable solutions
Moderator: Michael Schack, Director District Heating & Cooling, Cogenerations, ENGIE
An unavoidable solution for feverish planet, Ingo Wagner, Policy Manager for Cooling EU, EuroHeat & Power
Waste cold recovery from the regasification process of Liquefied Natural Gas, Alexandar Ivancic, Infrastructure and Environment Consultant, AIGUASOL
Cooling is the new heating: using waste heat for cool solutions, Anders Strand, Plant Manager, Göteborg Energi

15.45 Coffee Break

16.15 Choose between Session 2A and Session 2B

Session 2A: End-user acceptance and adapted business models for district cooling
Moderator: Ingo Wagner, Policy Manager for EuroHeat & Power and Coordinator of coolingEU
ROI of district cooling, Patrick Berardi, Managing Director, Thassalia Power Station
Finding and keeping clients, Stéphane Montanari, Commercial Director, Enertherm
End-user acceptance for district cooling, Remy Brunetti, Sales Manager, ELM (Dalkia Group)

Session 2B: DHC & The city – meeting the civil works challenges – Sponsored by Mittel and HWQ
Moderator: Patrik Arvsell, CELSIUS Project Manager, Göteborg Energi
Securing pre-insulated pipe networks and quickening returns on investments, Thibaut Mauron, Export Manager, Mittel
Trenchless district heating rehabilitation, Johan Persson, CTO, HWQ
Adapting the infrastructure, Gerald Campbell, Managing Director, ELM (Dalkia Group)
Coordinating disruptive work sites, Camille Poulain-Viver, Head of Urban Works and Transport Coordination, Métropole de Lyon

17.30 Conclusion of day 1

17.45 End of the Day

Day 2: Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Venue: Métropole de Lyon Headquarters, 20 Rue du Lac, Lyon, France
Moderator: Emilia Pisani Castañeda, Project Officer, CELSIUS, Göteborg Energi AB

9.00 Bringing district energy to the digital era
Moderator: Eymeric Lefort, Director of district energy networks, Métropole de Lyon
The latest developments of DHC in Europe, Ingo Wagner, Policy Manager for EuroHeat & Power and Coordinator for coolingEU
District energy innovations in asset management and integration with renewable power, Håkan Knutsson, Chairman of the Board, SweHeat and Cooling
4GDH – The newest district heating generation, Sébastien Michallat, Business Developer manager France, Danfoss
Digitalisation and multiple fuel management for sustainable systems, Elise Legoff, Energy Optimisation Engineer, CCIAG

10.00 Coffee Breeak

10.30 Choose between Session 3A and Session 3B

Session 3A: Necessary & secure solutions – Sponsored by If…Insurance, Regin, and PassivSystems
Moderator: Mathieu Eberhardt, Project Managner, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement
Insurance options and risk management of DHC networks, Gerd Van Wichelen, If…Insurance
Engaging end-users through smart apps, Gunnar Åberg, Product Director, Regin
Tools and recommendations for heating and cooling planning, Sara Fritz, Senior Researcher, TU Wien – representing the HotMaps project
Digitisation: a strategic necessity, Romain Lambert, Research Engineer, PassivSystems

Session 3B: Innovative 4th generation DHC solutions – Sponsored by Siemens, Savosolar, and Energy Opticon
Moderator: Stéphane Ronteix, Editor, DHC news
Trends in distributed energy systems and heat conversion, Dr. Jochen Schäfer, Head of Reaserch Group, Siemens
Sunny solutions for 4GDH, Maxime Viot, Solar Energy Expert, Saavosolar
An open real time data and events infrastructure for your operations, Jesse Skierszkan, Account Manager, Osisoft
Economical optimization of energy production and the operation of the district heating network, Björn Malmström, CTO, Energy Opticon

11,45 Matchmaking: express networking

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Snapshot around the world – best practices of innovative solutions – Sponsored by SWEP
Connecting active ships to district heating, Patrik Arvsell, CELSIUS Project Manager, Göteborg Energi, em>Christer Frennfelt, Sales Manager, SWEP
District energy in Latin America: the Chilean case, Diego Perez, Head of Sustainable Heat, Chilean Ministry of Environment
Emergin markets for district cooling, Zoulun Chen, Senior Advisor, Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency, Celia martinez, Technical Expert, District Energy in Cities Initiative, United Nations Environment

14.30 Closing remarks
Helena Nordström, CELSIUS Head of Outreach and Communication, Göteborg Energi

15.00 Site visits, Lyon (optional)
Gerland waste incineration plant – Technical introduction to the plant + visit
La Fayette heating and cooling plant – Technical introduction to the plant + visit

(Limited to 30 participants per plant)