Thank You

Thank you all participants and presenters for joining us in DHC Days 2017 in the wonderful venue of Métropole de Lyon. You have made this event come alive by your participation, your enthusiasm, and your networking during these two days. District energy development is something we do together, and in this endeavour, cities are important, the private sector is important and support organisations are important. This is truly a synergistic undertaking, in which the sum of the parts reach further than we could alone. Thank you so very much Métropole de Lyon for this successful collaboration in hosting this event.

Thank you to our collaborators in this event: SweHeat and Cooling for expanding the CELSIUS network by inviting our sponsors, and also DHC News, UN Environment District Energy in Cities Initiative, and Amorce. Thank you to our sponsors, who have made the simultaneous translations possible: Alfa Laval, Mittel, HWQ Group, If…Insurance, Regin, PassivSystems, Siemens, SavoSolar, Energy Opticon and SWEP.

Lastly thank you Fabien Challeat from Métropole de Lyon and Emilia Pisani Castañeda from CELSIUS, who made this event possible, with their hard work, their diligence, and their belief in that this event would be a fantastic event.

DHC Days 2017 Presentations

The presentations from the workshop are now uploaded to the CELSIUS wiki.

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