CELSIUS Awards 2017

In CELSIUS there are 30 demonstators; they are demonstration projects from the five original CELSIUS partner cities. One of the goals with CELSIUS has been to showcase the demonstrators, to share knowledge and inspire others to replicate these solutions. This has been done because district energy solutions need to be visible and seen in order to exemplify what is possible. The network has grown and includes an additional 67 CELSIUS Member Cities! This means that there are many more demonstrators in the CELSIUS network. During CELSIUS Summit, three CELSIUS Member Cities were each presented with a CELSIUS Award because they had produced outstanding demonstrators, in the three award categories: Getting started, Innovative District Cooling, and Inspiring solution. These projects will help lead the way for smart district energy systems in the EU and other parts of the world in many years to come.

The three categories

Getting started – One of the key pillars of the CELSIUS project is the need for tailored solutions. Each city has its own set of conditions and challenges, and one of the most formidable hurdles can be the very first one – getting a district energy network off the ground, or rather, into the ground. It can be more challenging to build the city’s very first district energy network than to expand an existing bigger system. With this prize, we would like to highlight and commend the efforts of the CELSIUS Member City who have taken on this challenge: local pioneers who have demonstrated that they mean business in working towards a resource-efficient city through district heating and cooling by building their first network.

Innovative District Cooling – With increasing global temperatures, we are facing growing cooling needs in our workspaces and homes. By using district cooling we can minimize the energy use and environmental impact. “Imagine an intelligent, competitive and liveable city. Imagine a resource-efficient city with smart heating and cooling. This is your city – a CELSIUS city.” This is the beginning of the CELSIUS vision and with this prize, we would like to shine a light on a city who has developed a smart district cooling solution that is both resource-efficient and resilient and maximizes the efficient use of primary and secondary energy sources within the city.

Inspiring solution – For the inspiring solution, we are awarding a city that, reassuringly, has demonstrated how creativity, combined with a clear goal to push for a sustainable energy solutions, can provide a solid, smart and sustainable system, in a local setting, and at the same time be implemented in numerus cities throughout Europe. A true example of Inspiration!

And the winners are…

The prize for Getting Started is awarded to The Dublin District Heating System. Without supporting legislation, policy or frameworks for district heating in Ireland, Dublin is receiving the prize for developing the city’s first district heating system that will supply low-carbon heat and allow for phasing out natural gas boilers in favour of excess heat and biomass fuel. With studies showing that 75 percent of the city is suitable for district heating, this is a first step proving that district heating is a viable solution in the city – and in the country – and that it can be done through steadfast dedication and persistent collaboration.

The prize for Innovative District Cooling is awarded to The Centre Metropole Heating and Cooling District System in Lyon. Lyon is noteworthy because of the city’s holistic approach of combining a creative use of open data, smart city planning, renewable resource use, the district heating system, optimisation work, storage and the district cooling system. They receive the prize for the innovative and inspiring district cooling solution that is growing threefold and will use absorption cooling and ice storage in order to optimise the whole system.

The prize for Inspiring Solution is awarded to Mikkeli Riistiina village – the Green district heating energy with solar thermal and wood chips. They receive the prize for their outstanding ability to be in the forefront of innovative heat systems by combing direct sun rays, wood chips and storage capacity in the same network and making sure that the combination can tackle the challenges with peak loads and at the same time focus on the competiveness for their customers.