We are happy to celebrate our progress of promoting smart district energy solutions in Europe, and we are honored by the recognition for this work bestowed upon CELSIUS.

Global District Energy Climate Award

24 October, 2017
The Global District Energy Climate Award in the category “Out of the box” was presented to one of the CELSIUS Demonstrators: District Heating to STENA Danica ferry in Gothenburg.
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The Association for Decentralised Energy Award

19 October, 2017
The Homes and Communities Project of the Decade Award, sponsored by Pinnacle Power, was presented to one of the CELSIUS Demonstrators: London Borough of Islington for Bunhill Heat and Power Network.

The EU Sustainable Energy Award

20 June, 2017
The EU Sustainable Energy Awards celebrate the year’s most successful projects for clean, secure and efficient energy. CELSIUS won the award in the public sector category.

The EU Sustainable Energy Awards recognise outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewables and highlight new ways to shape Europe’s energy future. The award was received by Simon Wyke, Greater London Authority; Sarah Johnstone, City of Gothenburg; Sebastian Marx, Gothenburg European Office; and Katrina Folland, City of Gothenburg. The award was presented by Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Energy/Climate and Professor Marianne Haug, member of the HORIZON 2020 Advisory Group on Energy at the European Commission.

“I feel very proud, maybe even more proud than I expected to feel. It’s a confirmation of all the hard and great work we have done and a symbol of the importance of our project”, says CELSIUS Project Coordinator Katrina Folland.

KlimaExpo.NRW 1 000 Steps into the Future Certificate and Plaquette

21 January, 2016
A CELSIUS demonstrator – Waste Heat Recovery from Sewage in Cologne – was included as one of the 1 000 steps KlimaExpo.NRW is bringing together over a period of eight years to advance climate protection as part of social and technological progress.

World Smart City Finalist Award

19 November, 2015
At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, CELSIUS received the World Smart City Finalist Award, recognizing pioneering smart projects to aid cities in becoming more sustainable, efficient, economically viable and liveable.