Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam

Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam collects waste heat from the industrial area in the Port of Rotterdam to provide heating for end users in Rotterdam city districts. To provide this connection Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam has constructed a heating network, a double pipeline of 26 kilometres, in the period of 2012 to mid 2013.

The first households and commercial buildings were connected in 2013. Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam coordinates the design and construction of this heat network and handles the transport of waste heat. The distribution to the end user will be the responsibility of the energy companies Eneco and Nuon. The core activities seem deceptively simple, but the activities are highly technical and of great environmental value for the region: Surplus of heat at one location, is transported to where heat is required. The shareholders of Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam are the City of Rotterdam, energy company E.ON Benelux, Province of South Holland and housing association Woonbron.​