In Gothenburg, the central heating is produced both within the company and exterally. The external production units are supplying the base-load. All heat from the industry are classfied as waste heat and would be released into the air or into water bodies, such as Göta Älv, the river that runs through Göteborg. Our production facilities include combined heat and power plants, hot water plants and heat pumps.​

Throughout the year, we buy industrial waste heat from Shell’s refinery and Preem’s refinery on Hisingen and from smaller industries. Waste heat is pumped into our district heating network, so that production at our own facilities can be decreased.

Gryaab’s waste water treatment plant receives waste water from the Gothenburg region, and at our heat pump plant, we collect heat from treated waste water. Another large heat supplier is the waste incinerator at Renova. Today, nearly 80% o​f our district heating is based on waste heat.​