Gemeente Rotterdam/City of Rotterdam

The City of Rotterdam is one of the founding fathers of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI). RCI is a joint cooperation between the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, employers’ organisation Deltalinqs, and the environmental protection agency DCMR. The mission of the initiators is improving the climate for the benefit of people, environment and the economy. The Rotterdam Climate Initiative offers a platform for government, organizations, companies and citizens to work on 50% reduction of CO2 emissions in 2025 compared to the 1990 ​level and 100% Climate Proof in 2025, while at the same time promoting the economy. The Urban Development department with the programme office of Sustainability and Climate Change is the leading unit within the city on sustainability and climate change, tackling the traditional environmental themes as well as mitigation and adaptation. Basis for this is the current action plan Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2011-2014. Rotterdam can also be considered as a frontrunner in ‘Energy planning’ and has developed the Rotterdam Energy Approach and Planning (REAP1 and 2) which incorporates CO2 and energy directly into the planning and development process. Rotterdam is an active member in different European and worldwide networks: Clinton Climate Initiative C40, Covenant of Mayors, EUROCITIES, METREX, ICLEI, Connecting Deltacities, World Ports Climate Initiative. The Urban Development department has long term and extensive experience as a co-ordinator in Interreg IVB/ MUSIC, CIVITAS/TELLUS and the URBACT/My Generation projects.​