In a 160,000 m2 mixed use building designed by Rem Koolhaas, an integrated energy system will be demonstrated. A high-temperature hot water heat distribution system supplies water to all functions needed (residential and hotel). Through a low-temperature heating system, heat is supplied to other functions (offices, commercial premises and shops). Cold is centrally generated through three water-cooled compression chillers through a cold water inlet connected to the river New-Meuse. A chilled water distribution system supplies cold to all functions. Cold to the homes is provided through a distribution set with a metered connection. The apartments in the building will have comfortable floor heating and cooling.

The renewable energy saves space because there are no radiators, boilers and air conditioning is unnecessary. Finally, the building re-uses heat recovery from exhaust air from the ventilation systems. A part of the electricity and heat demand is produced in a biomass-fired CHP which is integrated in the building; the remainder of heat is delivered by the urban heating network.​

Energy for a vertical city An article from Warmtenetwerk Magazine, by Klaas de Jong