LondonTo supply new heat users​, the existing Bunhill Heat and Power Network will be extended to utilise existing sources of waste heat and to explore the opportunities for the system to utilise a lower operating temperature. This demonstrator will develop knowledge and expertise of how to optimise an approach to laying district heating pipework in a highly urbanised, mixed-use environment that already has highly congested subterranean utility supplies.   The demonstrator will clarify how to further develop existing networks, how to implement waste heat capture and utilisation from multiple local sources and explore lower temperature operating systems.

Today Bunhill supplies heat to around 700 homes and 2 leisure centres, and with the expansion it will allow for at least 500 more homes to be connected as well as two new developments and additional existing buildings in the vicinity. The heating system will be more carbon and financially efficient than London’s district heating systems have traditionally been designed, specified and built.