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Datacenter 2​ BT

A fast growing type of consumer of electricity is datacenters. All the electrical input will become local heat that has to be cooled. The datacenters represents two challenges. Firstly the needed cooling must be done with as little use of electricity as possible. Secondly the heat flow from datacenters represents a heat source with low […]


​Datacenter 1 Rotterdam

With a storage area of about 900 m2, Datacenter Rotterdam offers amenities with the highest possible quality, with a guanrantee to safety and continuity. Datacenter Rotterdam is ISO27001:2013 certified and recognized in 2012 as one of the most green data centers in Europe mainly due to using an outside air temperature cooling system. This systsem […]


​Climate agreement

A Climate agreements means th​at customers are offered a certain indoor temperature range, e.g. 21 centigrades, +/- 1 ​​centigrade. Then it is up to the energy company to manage this agreement as efficiently as possible.​ The customer property is connected to Gothenburg Energy ‘s operations center. Here the radiator water temperature in the property is regulated […]


​Local energy efficiency initiative​

Climate Round Table Cologne ​The Climate Round Table Cologne (“KlimaKreis Koeln)” is an alliance of 22 experts with informed expertise in the field of climate and energy issues representing notable academic institutions and associations as well as administration and economy in the region. The Climate Round Table Cologne has been launched in 2009 with the […]


​District heating for ships in harbour

A ferry docking in Gothenburg several times a week, Stena Danica will be connected to the district heating system when in the harbour. There are already possibilites available to connect ships at the quay to the electrical grid, but heating equipment on board still needs to be used. When using district heating from the city […]


District heating to white goods​

There is a general drive in society to be more efficient with and reduce our use of electricity, and as part of that to utilise other available energy sources. Though it is still in the early utilisation phase this demonstrator is testing an additional way to use a district heating network in the operation of […]