Kick off CELSIUS


Influential city leaders from across Europe will meet in Gothenburg this week to kick off
CELSIUS, a major European low carbon energy programme under the Smart Cities and
Communities umbrella of the European Research Programme (FP7). The overall aim with the
project is to save energy by using more wasted excess heat in Europe. The potential is huge;
there is actually enough waste heat unused in Europe to heat the entire European building
In Gothenburg the district heating provides heat to more than 90 % of all apartment
buildings. The average figure for the EU is 10 %. The barriers are not of technical nature but
policies, investments, attitudes and business models.
CELSIUS has a clear strategy and a pro-active approach to deployment, which will result in 50
new cities committing to the CELSIUS roadmap by the end of 2016. The core in the project is
the demonstrators, some of them built in the project and some already existing.
The partner cities are London, Rotterdam, Genoa, Cologne and Gothenburg. The consortium
has 21 partners which cover all parts of the value chain to assure collaboration with all
actors such as cities, utilities, industry, politicians, financiers, universities and research
centers from the different cities. Among others the partners are London School of Economics,
Imperial College and SP Research Institute from Sweden. Gothenburg is chosen to be the
lead partner of the project thanks to its long standing experience in the field.

from City of Gothenburg and Göteborg Energi AB, on 10 June 2013
For more information, please contact:

Katrina Folland, Coordinator Celsius
City of Gothenburg,
0046 707612389

Jonas Cognell, Assistant coordinator
Göteborg Energi AB
0046 707626486

Sebastian Marx, Chairman Celsius
City of Gothenburg, Brussels office
0032 479949859

Download PDF: PRESSRELEASE_kick off_celsius